Senior lecturer in law, with a focus on international and operational law


The Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership includes five subjects and is thus responsible for research and development in international law, leadership under stressful demanding conditions, war studies with a focus on military strategy, and political science with a focus on security policy and strategy, as well as on crisis management and international cooperation. The Department is characterised by an academic environment with unique competences at the intersection of civil and military expertise, of theory and proven experience, as well as of academia and professions in the security sector. We educate civilian and military students in our own programmes, provide teaching commissioned by e.g. governmental authorities, provide analysis and advice and conduct research. The Department consists of three sections and two centres, located in both Stockholm and Karlstad.

The position is located at the Centre for International and Operational Law (CIOL) in the Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership (ISSL). The Centre conducts research on and educates in international and operational law, which includes the law governing the use of force (ius ad bellum), the law of armed conflict (ius in bello), human rights, legal aspects of peace operations and crises, domestic law with an emphasis on total defence and crisis management, as well as the law of international responsibility.

Job responsibilities

The advertised position involves teaching and research, as well as administrative duties, in the area of law, with a focus on international and operational law.The position is based in Stockholm.

Teaching in law, with a focus on international and operational law is conducted both within the military programmes, as well as in independent free-standing courses and commissioned teaching. Your duties will include teaching, supervision, pedagogical development work, course administration, examination, follow-up and evaluation of education. CIOL is in the process of establishing a master’s programme in international operational law and the position will also include teaching in that programme.

As part of your research activities, you will conduct your own, as well as commissioned research. You will also be expected to actively apply for and contribute to joint applications for external funding, as well to plan and lead research projects and engage with the national and international research community and other stakeholders in the dissemination of your own research.

A certain amount of administrative work is also included in the position, mainly connected to course administration, participation in the University’s internal processes, development of the University as well as furthering contacts with society at large.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible to be employed as a senior lecturer, a person will have demonstrated pedagogical skills and completed a doctoral degree or has equivalent academic competence or any other professional skills that are important with regard to the subject content of the employment and the tasks to be included in the employment. The degree must have been obtained before the end of the application period. It will be assessed in the individual case whether a foreign degree can be considered equivalent to a Swedish degree.

General requirements for teachers

In addition to what is stated above:

A teacher, civilian or military, at the Swedish Defence University must have completed higher education pedagogical training with an approved result no later than one and a half years after the employment began.

The applicant must have the personal qualities required to do the job well.

Assessment criteria

The extent of the skills that are required to be eligible (see above) will serve as the assessment criteria for employment as a senior lecturer. Equal attention will be given to the assessment of the applicant’s pedagogical skills and to the examination of his or her academic merits.

For this employment, a comprehensive assessment will be made of the following criteria:

  • pedagogical proficiency must have been demonstrated through skills in the planning, implementation and development of education in the subject of law with a focus on international and operational law at the undergraduate and/or graduate level. Teaching skills should be carefully documented so that the quality can also be assessed.
  • academic merits must have been demonstrated through own research, planning and research in the subject.
  • the applicant must have a documented ability to teach in English. If the person employed does not speak Swedish at the time of employment, he or she is expected to acquire the required language skills during the first two years of employment.

In addition to having experience of applying for and obtaining external research funding in competition, it will strengthen your application if you:

  • have experience from teaching and research focused on human rights law and/or International Disaster Law.
  • have experience from work, teaching and/or research in Swedish national law with a focus on crisis preparedness and total defence.
  • have experience from work within the framework of international military and/or civilian operations.
  • have experience from vocational training for military and/or police groups.

The employment

The employment is a permanent full-time or part-time position with a start-date according to agreement.

The Swedish Defence University strives for gender equality and diversity in all professional groups. We welcome applicants with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. For us, it is fundamental to provide an inclusive work climate and that our employees can combine work with stimulating and energizing leisure time.


The application shall be submitted using the Template application for academic service, which can be retrieved on the following page:

The application is preferably written in English, as it may be reviewed by international experts with English as working language.

The applicant must also make a selection of a maximum of ten publications that are cited in support of the application. The publications referred to must be clearly stated in the list of publications. Digital publications should be attached to the application, clearly numbered 1-10.

The monographs/books referred to must be clearly stated in the list of publications and sent directly to the expert reviewers when they have been appointed. You will recieve further instructions from responsible officer.

Submit your application through the Swedish Defence University’s recruitment system by clicking on the “Login and apply” link on the advertisement page at the latest on the 12th of August 2021. Mark your application with the reference number HF/HR 52/2021.


Further information about the employment is provided by:

  • Head of the Centre for International and Operational Law,
  • HR Specialist Christina Edlund,

The trade union representatives are Ronnie Hjorth (SACO-S), Anders Oltorp (OFR/O) and Christian Friman (OFR/S-Försvarsförbundet).

All can be reached by phone at +46 (0)8 553 425 00 (switchboard).

We are looking forward to your application no later than 30th of September 2021!

Type of employment Permanent position
Contract type Full-time/Part-time
First day of employment enligt överenskommelse
Salary Månadslön
Number of positions 2
Working hours 100%
City Stockholm
County Stockholms län
Country Sweden
Reference number HF/HR 52/2021
Published 16.Jun.2021
Last application date 30.Sep.2021 11:59 PM CEST