Senior Lecturer in Leadership under Stressful Conditions (psychology)

Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership (ISSL)

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The Swedish Defence University (FHS) invites qualified applicants to apply for the position of Senior Lecturer in Leadership under Stressful Conditions (specialisation in psychology), based at our Stockholm campus

Risk, crisis, conflicts, and war are increasing the demands for effective leadership. Leadership Under Stressful Conditions is a field of study at the Swedish Defence University, which focuses on an individual’s capacity to influence, motivate, and facilitate others to be able to contribute to the effectiveness and success of their organisation. The subject is broad and includes individual, organizational and societal perspectives. It deals with people who lead and those who are led, and with conditions that affect leadership.

A well-functioning supply of personnel is important for military and civil organisations that operate under stressful conditions. Personnel supply issues are included in the leadership subject at the Swedish Defence University. They include recruitment and selection, as well as what can be done to facilitate sound work attitudes, health and optimal staff turnover.

In order to strengthen research in personnel supply, the Swedish Defence University is now building a new research platform, the Psychometric Platform. This initiative aim to meet the needs of test and instrument development, validation, and intervention studies, and is therefore primarily based on quantitative methods. The Swedish Armed Forces is the contractor, and it is hoped that the platform will also cover other authorities within the security sector.

The Leadership Division is currently part of the Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership (ISSL) and is based in both Stockholm and Karlstad. The subject is in a dynamic phase and in the next few years it is likely to serve as the foundation for its own academic department. The position is located in Stockholm, where the division currently has about 20 employees who conduct training and research in areas such as leadership development, personnel supply and crisis and risk management.

Job responsibilities

The position encompass research, teaching, and administration in the subject Leadership under Stressful Conditions. The research and teaching relate to both military and civilian sectors.

Research responsibilities include planning, conducting and leading research, contributing to obtaining research funding, and further disseminating information nationally and internationally about one’s own research. The position in question is currently tied to the Psychometric Platform project, where one main mission is to build up the new research platform together with the project manager, in collaboration with the contractor.

The responsibilities related to education include teaching and academic supervision, pedagogical development work, planning of education and course administration, performing examinations, and conducting follow-ups and evaluation of education. The responsibilities related to administrative work primarily include course administration and academic positions of trust. There are also responsibilities included in the position related to assisting to further develop the subject of Leadership Under Stressful Conditions and participating in the development of the department as a research environment. In addition to this, it is expected that the successful applicant will be engaged in interaction with the community outside of the University.


Applicants qualified to be employed as a senior lecturer have completed a PhD in psychology, or have equivalent scientific competence relevant to the position. They have also demonstrated teaching skills in planning, implementing and developing education at the undergraduate and/or master level. Teaching proficiency must be carefully documented such that its quality can also be properly assessed. If the applicant holds a foreign degree, an assessment will be made on a case-by-case basis to determine if it can be regarded as equivalent to a Swedish degree.

Assessment criteria

The assessment criteria for the employment of a senior lecturer will be subject to the degree of proficiency required for eligibility for employment. The assessment of teaching proficiency will be given equal weight to the assessment of scientific expertise. For this position, the following assessment criteria are applied and weighed, with particular attention being given to the first three:

scientific expertise in the field of leadership or related areas, as well as areas relevant to the position in question. The scientific expertise must have been demonstrated through the applicant’s own research and publication. psychometric skills and experience of working with relevant statistical programs and methods, as well as with data collection and data management. teaching expertise must have been demonstrated through the applicant’s own teaching and supervision. the applicant must possess the ability to interact with the surrounding community and to impart information about research and development work, and should also have access to a developed network of relevance for the position. experience of working with the development of psychological tests or equivalent instruments for applied use, for example for selection or clinical use.

Knowledge of the Swedish Armed Forces or other parts of the security sector is a plus.

It is important that the application be drafted in such a way that it is possible to assess the extent to which the above assessment criteria are met.

General requirements for teachers

Civilian and military teachers at the Swedish Defence University must have completed a course in teaching and learning in higher education prior to, or no later than one and a half years after the start of their employment. The applicant must possess the personal traits necessary to do well in the position. Furthermore, the applicant should have a good ability to express herself/himself orally and in writing, in Swedish and English.

The appointment

The appointment is for a permanent full-time position with a start date to be determined in consultation with the applicant.

The position is assigned a security classification, which requires approved security clearance with a register check in accordance with the provisions of Swedish security legislation. The Swedish Defence University also welcomes foreign applicants.

The Swedish Defence University strives for equality and diversity among all its positions. We welcome applicants with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. It is natural for us to strive for an inclusive work climate and for our employees to be able to combine work with active parenting.


The application is designed in accordance with the Template: Application for an Academic Position, which can be found on the following page:

The application may be written in Swedish or English.

Applicants must also select at most ten publications to refer to in support of their application. The publications are attached to the application in the recruitment system.

Submit your application through the Swedish Defence University’s recruitment system via the “Logga in och sök jobbet” [Log in to apply for the job] link on the job listing page. Mark your application with the reference number HF/HR 134/2020. Please submit your application no later than 2021-03-22!


Further information about the position is available from:

Head of Division Pär Daléus; 073-633 38 36;
Project Manager, Psychometric Platform Stefan Annell; 070-854 15 57;

HR Specialist Kia Vejdegren;

The trade union representatives are Ronnie Hjorth (SACO-S), Anders Oltorp (OFR/O) and Christian Friman (OFR/S-Försvarsförbundet).

Each of these individuals can be reached via +46 (0)8-553 425 00 (switchboard).

Type of employment Permanent position
Contract type Full time
First day of employment Tillträde enligt överenskommelse.
Salary Månadslön
Number of positions 1
Working hours 100 %
City Stockholm
County Stockholms län
Country Sweden
Reference number HF/HR 134/2020
Published 04.Feb.2021
Last application date 22.Mar.2021 11:59 PM CET