Associate senior lecturers in War Studies

The central object of study in War Studies is war, practices of war and the exercise of military power. Typical research  questions in War Studies concern the nature of war, the applicability of military means, the modus operandi of military organisations and how military capacities are created, led, organised and applied in different contexts (conventional and non-conventional). Further, War Studies scholarship is concerned with military organisations and the military profession, civil-military relations, the total defence concept, how to understand and explain battle and war, including with respect to gender, peace and security.

This appointment will be placed at the Tactical Warfare Division or the Joint Warfare Division at the Department of Military Studies (MVI) in Stockholm. This Department is responsible, among other things, for the subjects of war studies and military history.

The Tactical Warfare Division and the Joint Warfare Division conduct research and education in the subject of war studies. The teachers teach in the first, second and third cycle (undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level) in the civilian and military programmes. These include the Officers’ Programme (OP), as well as the Higher Ranking Officers’ Programme (HOP), which is a master’s programme. Teaching and supervision also take place in the third cycle (doctoral level).



This appointment involves at least 50% research, as well as teaching and administration in the subject of War Studies with a focus on tactics and operations in the various arenas, operational arts and operational functions, such as intelligence services and logistics. The appointment also includes course responsibility, work with examinations and administrative tasks. The duties also include applying for research funding, supporting the work of subject development and contributing to collaboration and development of contacts with the Swedish Armed Forces and the surrounding society.

General requirements for teachers

A teacher, civilian or military, at the Swedish Defence University must have completed higher education pedagogical training with an approved result no later than one and a half years after the employment began. The applicant must have the personal qualities required to do the job well


A person who holds a relevant doctorate or has equivalent academic competence is qualified for appointment as an associate senior lecturer. Eligible applicants must have earned a doctorate or achieved equivalent competence no more than five years before the end of the application period, unless special grounds exist, such as illness, parental leave or other explanatory circumstances. Whether a foreign degree can be considered equivalent to a Swedish degree will be assessed for each individual case.

Assessment grounds

The capacity for good quality independent research work is the main assessment grounds for appointment as an associate senior lecturer.

For this appointment, the following grounds for assessment apply in order of priority:

  • The capacity for high-quality independent research in subject areas that concern war, warfare and conflict, which has been demonstrated through publication in relevant, well-renowned international journals and publications. Quantitative research is of particular merit.
  • Documented educational expertise that has been demonstrated through teaching, planning and implementation of education at a university.

The applicant must have a documented ability to teach in English. If the person employed does not master Swedish at the time of employment, they are expected to acquire requisite language skills in the first two years of the appointment. Background as an officer or other relevant experience in the defence sector is considered a useful qualification (but is not required). As the position(s) are intended to be placed at the Tactical Warfare Division and the Joint Warfare Division, knowledge of tactics and operations in the scope of warfare and the exercise of military power is of additional merit. Lastly, experience of national and international academic collaboration in research projects and documented experience of successful applications for external research funding are also grounds for consideration.

As the Department strives for a more equal gender distribution among its teachers in the subject area in question, the Department would like to see women applying for the appointment. Where there is not an even gender balance, the Swedish Defence University may employ the applicant of the under-represented gender in the event of equivalent or nearly equivalent qualifications.


The appointment is a full-time employment of four years to commence as agreed. The appointment is a career-development position with a focus on the possibility of promotion to a permanent teaching post subject to higher qualification requirements. The assessment grounds that form the basis for the possibility to be promoted are presented by the Swedish Defence University’s appointments procedure for teachers.

The Swedish Defence University strives for gender equality and diversity in all professional categories. We welcome applicants with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. For us, an inclusive working atmosphere and that our employees are able to combine work with active parenthood are a given.

The appointment is security classified, which presupposes an approved security screening with register checks according to the regulations in the Swedish protective security legislation.


The application is to be structured in accordance with our template, Template application for academic position, which is found on the following website.

The application should be written in English as it may be reviewed by international experts whose working language is English.

The applicant must also select a maximum of ten publications that are cited in support of the application. The digital publications shall be uploaded in connection with the application. Possible books are to be sent directly to the experts when they are appointed. If there is an intention to provide additional application documents, this must be clear from the application. The applicant has two weeks after the end of the application period at his or her disposal to provide supplements to the application.

The application is to be sent to the Swedish Defence University’s recruitment system by clicking on the link "Log in and apply for the position" on the advertisement page. Label your application with reference number HF/HR 51/2021.


Further information on the appointment can be provided by:

Union representatives are Ronnie Hjorth (SACO-S), Anders Oltorp (OFR/O) and Christian Friman (OFR/S-Försvarsförbundet). All can be reached by phone at +46-8-553 425 00 (exchange).

You are welcome to submit your application no later than September 6th.

Type of employment Temporary position longer than 6 months
Contract type Full-time/Part-time
First day of employment 2022-01-01
Salary Individuell
Number of positions 1
Working hours 100%
City Stockholm
County Stockholms län
Country Sweden
Reference number HF/HR 51/2021
Union representative
  • Ronnie Hjorth, SACO, 08-553 425 00
  • Anders Oltorp, OFR/O, 08-553 425 00
  • Christian Friman, OFR/S, Försvarsförbundet, 08-553 425 00
Published 06.Sep.2021
Last application date 14.Sep.2021 11:59 PM CEST