Associate Senior Lecturer in Political Science with a focus on Crisis Management and Security and specialization on Climate

Department of Political Science and Law

The Swedish Defence University is an internationally renowned university in the area of defence, crisis management and security. We offer a unique academic environment where military and civilian researchers, teachers and students interact. We educate and train top-level executives, experts, and researchers for the task of analyzing and managing current and future crises, security issues and conflicts. The university educates all military officers in the Swedish armed forces and leads the academic progression of the military profession. We conduct research in the areas of Law with a focus on International and Operational Law, Leadership and Command & Control, Military History, Political Science, Systems Science for Defence and Security and War Studies.

The employment is placed at the department of Political Science and Law in Stockholm.

Description of subject area
Political science research at the Swedish Defence University analyses how security and insecurity are created, who security is for, and how crises are prevented and handled in Swedish, European, and global contexts. We explore threats, conflicts, decision-making processes, communication processes, identity construction, and ethical dilemmas concerning the state, society, and individual, with a special focus on Sweden and the Nordic countries, the European Union, the United States, Russia, and East Asia.

The aim of our research and education is to contribute to a more complex and nuanced understanding of the world. Our researchers regularly share their expertise in national and international media, advising policymakers, participating in commissioned training, and informing the public on current issues.

Research in political science at the Swedish Defence University can be divided into two overarching themes - security studies and crisis management - and several specialisations, which organise researchers as well as doctoral students.

The position as Associate Senior Lecturer includes research, teaching, administration, and collaboration within Political Science with a focus on crisis management and security and a specialization in climate and environmental studies. Duties also include applying for research funding, contributing to the further development of the discipline and participating in relevant internal and external networks pertaining to climate, crisis and security.

This position includes keeping track of developments within the subject area, both nationally and internationally. As an Associate Senior Lecturer, you share knowledge and contribute to the Swedish Defence University's professional development, collegial working methods and social community.

General requirements 

A teacher at the Swedish Defence University should complete training in higher education teaching, before or at the latest two years after starting the position.

For all employment at the University, it is required that the applicant has the personal qualities needed to fulfil the employment. These must be clearly stated in the employment profile. All employees are expected to cooperate and treat colleagues and students with respect, take responsibility for the organization and their own duties, and contribute to a good working environment.

The applicant must have the ability to teach in English and understand, write and speak Swedish at B1 level (European scale), which means sufficient listening and reading comprehension to be able to participate in and contribute to meetings and other activities. If the employee does not speak Swedish at the time of employment, he/she is expected to acquire the required language skills during the first three years of employment.

Eligible for the position of Associate Senior Lecturer are those who have obtained a PhD degree or can demonstrate equivalent scientific competence. Applicants who have obtained a PhD degree or achieved the equivalent competence no longer than five years prior to the end of the application period will be given priority. Also, those who have satisfied the eligibility requirement for a longer period can be considered if there are special reasons. Special reasons refer to leave of absence due to illness, parental leave, or other similar circumstances. For a more detailed description of eligibility requirements, see the University of Defence's employment regulations for teachers.

It will be assessed on a case-by-case basis whether a foreign degree can be considered equivalent to a Swedish degree.

 Assessment Criteria
The ranking of eligible applicants will be based primarily on the quality of their independent research output. 

The assessment criteria for employment are: 

  • Well-documented scientific skills in political science (or a closely related discipline) focusing on crisis management and/or security with a specialization on climate. 

Additional assessment criteria: 

  • Well-documented pedological skills in political science (or a closely related discipline).

About the position
The position can be held for a maximum of four years and includes a minimum of 50 % research. An Associate Senior Lecturer can apply for promotion to Senior Lecturer. If the Associate Senior Lecturer is deemed suitable and fulfils the criteria for promotion he/she shall be promoted to and employed as Senior Lecturer. Such employment means permanent employment.

In case of a lacking gender balance, the Swedish Defence University may, in the event of equal or largely equal qualifications among the applicants, prioritize the person of the underrepresented sex.

This employment is regulated by the Higher Education Ordinance and the Swedish Defence University's Appointments Procedure for Teaching Staff.

To access information about eligibility, assessment criteria, application procedures, and other important information regarding faculty positions at the Swedish Defence University, please visit the following link.

An employment at the Swedish Defence University may require a security clearance for placement in a security class, which includes a security interview and, in some cases, a background check by the Swedish Security Service.

The Swedish Defence University will be operating in a state of war, which means that you should be prepared to be deployed to the institution during times of conflict. If you are already deployed in your current position at an agency and your expertise is needed in the Swedish Defence University's war organization, negotiations will take place between the relevant agency and the Swedish Defence University to determine your placement.

We welcome applications from both Swedish and international candidates.

Starting date
According to agreement.

Salary and benefits 

Salaries are set individually at the University.

Information about benefits for employees at the Swedish Defence University can be found here.

The application is preferably written in English, as it may be reviewed by international experts whose working language is English. Structure the application in accordance with the University’s template application for academic position.

Attach a list of publications as well as a selection of no more than ten publications cited in support of the application.

Cited monographs/books (which are not digital) must be clearly stated in the attached list of publications. Send them by post in two copies to the below address and mark with reference number HF/HR 212/2023.

Swedish Defence University

Att: Registrator

Drottning Kristinas väg 37

Box 278 05 | 115 93 Stockholm, Sweden]

Try to upload all your documents digitally for the convenience of the reviewing subject experts.

The application is submitted via the Swedish Defence University's recruitment system by clicking on the link "Log in and apply for the job" on the advertising page. Mark your application with reference number HF/HR 212/2023.

The complete application must be received by the Swedish Defence University no later than the last day of application at midnight, CET/CEST (Central European Time/Central European Summer Time).

Welcome to submit your application by no later than December 22, 2023.


For further information about the position please contact:

To get in contact with union representatives please send an e-mail to, OFR/ and OFR/

Type of employment Temporary position
Contract type Full time
First day of employment Efter överenskommelse
Salary Individuell lön
Number of positions 1
Full-time equivalent 100%
City Stockholm
County Stockholms län
Country Sweden
Reference number HF/HR 212/2023
Union representative
  • SACO,
  • OFR/O, OFR/
  • OFR/S, OFR/
Published 09.Nov.2023
Last application date 22.Dec.2023 11:59 PM CET

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