Professor in Leadership under Stressful Conditions, located in Stockholm

Institutionen för säkerhet, strategi och ledarskap

Institutionen för säkerhet, strategi och ledarskap (ISSL) rymmer fem ämnen med ansvar för forskning och utveckling inom juridik med inriktning mot folkrätt, ledarskap under påfrestande förhållanden, krigsvetenskap med inriktning mot militärstrategi samt statsvetenskap med inriktningar mot säkerhetspolitik och strategi, respektive krishantering och internationell samverkan. Institutionen präglas av en akademisk miljö med unika kompetenser. Här utbildas dels studerande inom de militära programmen, dels studerande i egna civila utbildningar. Vid institutionen bedrivs även uppdragsutbildning, konceptutbildning och analysverksamhet. Institutionen har tre avdelningar och två centrumbildningar med verksamhet både i Stockholm och Karlstad.

The Swedish Defence University is looking for a Professor in Leadership under Stressful Conditions, position located in Stockholm

The position as Professor in Leadership under Stressful Conditions is located at the Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership (ISSL) in Stockholm. Leadership under Stressful Conditions is a subject area at the Swedish Defence University which focuses on a person’s capacity to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute to the effectiveness and success of their organisation. Leadership can also be viewed as a process to influence others to understand and agree on what needs to be done and how this can be done effectively.

The subject area of Leadership under Stressful Conditions includes leadership both in direct and indirect forms, especially under stressful conditions which are examined primarily from an individual and organisational but also societal perspective.

The Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership

The Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership is characterised by the meeting of civilian and military expertise, between theory and proven experience, and between academia and professions within the armed forces and security sector. The department covers five subjects and is thus responsible for Research and Development in International Law, Leadership under Stressful Conditions, War Studies, and Political Science with specialisations in security policy and strategy, or crisis management and international cooperation.                           

The Leadership division employs both civilian and military researchers who study and teach leadership under stressful conditions. In the event of risk, crisis, conflict, and war, the demands for functioning leadership under stressful conditions increases. Courses in this subject prepare individuals for handling the most difficult of leadership challenges. The teachers at the division teach courses awarding higher education credits as well as shorter contract education programmes aimed at leaders and managers. At the Swedish Defence University, the Leadership division has special responsibility for pedagogical development of the educational activities through courses in teaching and learning in higher education. 

The Leadership division is located in Karlstad and Stockholm. The position is located at the Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership in Stockholm. 


The position entails research, teaching, and administration in the field of leadership under stressful conditions. 

Specifically, the position of professor includes research, teaching, and supervision both in civilian and military education in the field of leadership under stressful conditions, and acting as a subject representative. The position also includes contributing to the development of the subject Leadership under Stressful Conditions and to the funding of the division’s research.  

As a professor, you are also expected to participate in the development of the Swedish Defence University and the department as research environments, and to support the leadership development within the Swedish Armed Forces and the societal security sector. The position also includes administrative duties and academic appointments, as well as working to promote equality in the university. 

The Swedish Defence University is authorised to issue third-cycle (doctoral) qualifications in the field of Defence, Crisis Management and Security. To date, two third-cycle subjects have been established in this area. These are War Studies and Political Science with the specialisation crisis management and security. The university’s ambition is to add Leadership under Stressful Conditions as a third-cycle subject. As a professor you are expected to be active in developing the subject for third-cycle studies. There are already doctoral students in the subject of Leadership under Stressful Conditions. They are working at the Swedish Defence University but through agreements made with other higher education institutions. 

General requirements for teachers

Civilian and military teachers at the Swedish Defence University must have completed a course in teaching and learning in higher education prior to, or no later than one and a half years after the start of their employment. 

The applicant must possess the personal traits necessary to do well in the position. 

Entry Requirements

To be eligible to be appointed as professor, the applicant must have displayed both scientific and teaching proficiency. The assessment of these proficiencies shall be given equal care. For a more detailed description of the entry requirements, see the Swedish Defence University’s appointment procedure for teachers at:  

Assessment grounds

When appointing a professor, the degree to which applicants have the necessary proficiency for such a position shall form the grounds for the assessment. 

The following assessment grounds are also included when appointing an applicant to this position: 

Scientific proficiency must have been shown through: 

  • independent research projects (sole author or first author) which to a significant degree exceed what is required to qualify as a associate professor both in terms of quality and quantity
  • documented scientific proficiency in the area of leadership (can be wider than only leadership under stressful conditions), primarily from an individual and organisational perspective, but also from a societal perspective, documented in scientific publications subject to peer review,
  • good ability to build, lead, and develop high-quality research
  • other contributions to the scientific work than the applicant’s own research (e.g. assignments as external expert, reviewing theses as an external expert, or being invited to lecture at national and international conferences in the field)
  • displaying an ability to develop the applicant’s own research field
  • documented experience of applying for and receiving research funding in competition 

Pedagogical proficiency must have been shown through: 

  • good ability to develop and carry out high-quality education, including supervision at first, second, and third-cycle level
  • completed third-cycle supervisor training
  • supervision of at least one third-cycle student up to a doctoral degree, unless special grounds exist to waive this requirement
  • ability to conduct pedagogical development work, course development, and development of new higher education courses and the linking of education to research
  • ability to stimulate and develop students’ learning
  • pedagogical commitment and a personal, well-developed pedagogical perspective and vision for learning
  • good ability to cooperate with society outside of the university and to disseminate information about research and development work 

In addition to scientific and pedagogical proficiency, applicants must have shown leadership proficiency (see the Swedish Defence University’s appointment procedure). In addition to what is stated in the Swedish Defence University’s appointment procedure, leadership proficiency shall also have been shown through: 

- ability to cooperate within the academic sector and with society.

Qualifications in this field must be documented in writing and, preferably, include a review. 

Applicants shall have documented proficiency in teaching in English. If the person appointed is not proficient in Swedish at the start of their appointment, they are expected to acquire the necessary language skills during the first two years of employment. 

Experience of armed forces and/or civilian crisis management in a wider sense is desirable. 

The appointment

The appointment is for a permanent full-time position with a start date to be set in consultation with the applicant. 

The Swedish Defence University strives for equality and diversity among all its positions. We welcome applicants with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. It is natural for us to strive for an inclusive work climate and for our employees to be able to combine work with active parenting. 


The application shall be designed using our template, Template application for academic position, available from this link: 

The application should be written in English as it may be reviewed by international experts whose professional language is English.

Applicants must also select at most ten publications to refer to in support of their application. The publications are sent directly to the experts, once appointed. If the application documents will be supplemented, this must be stated in the application. The applicant may supplement their application within two weeks of the application deadline. 

The application is submitted via the Swedish Defence University’s recruitment system, available via the “Logga in och sök jobbet” [Log in to apply for the job] link on the job listing page. State reference number HF/HR 45/2020.


Further information about the position is available from: 

Head of Division Pär Daléus, Head of Department Eva-Karin Olsson, HR-officer Kia Vejdegren,

Union representatives are Ronnie Hjorth (SACO-S), Anders Oltorp (OFR/O) and Christian Friman (OFR/S-Försvarsförbundet).

All can be reached via +46 (0)8-553 425 00 (switchboard).

Please submit your application no later than 2020-05-22!

Type of employment Permanent position
Contract type Full time
First day of employment Enligt överenskommelse
Salary Månadslön
Number of positions 1
Working hours 100 %
City Stockholm
County Stockholms län
Country Sweden
Reference number 45/2020
Published 27.Mar.2020
Last application date 22.May.2020 11:59 PM CET