Senior lecturer in history, with a focus on military history

Militärvetenskapliga institutionen, Operativa avdelningen, Militärhistoriska sektionen

Militärvetenskapliga institutionen ansvarar för ämnena försvarssystem, krigsvetenskap, ledningsvetenskap och militärhistoria. Institutionen präglas av en akademisk miljö där forskning och utbildning möts och där lärare och forskare samverkar i teori och praktik. Den militärvetenskapliga institutionens organisation består av sex avdelningar. Huvudsyftet med verksamheten är innehålls- och kvalitetsmässigt uppfyllande av kunders krav, samt en kontinuerlig ämnesutveckling. Avdelningarnas uppgifter omfattar forskning, utbildning, studieverksamhet och stöd till Försvarsmakten.

Operativa avdelningen vid militärvetenskapliga institutionen bedriver undervisning och forskning i ämnet krigsvetenskap, som är studiet av krig, krigföring och konflikthantering där militära resurser utnyttjas, samt hur militära resurser skapas och utnyttjas i operationer. Avdelningens kompetensområden omfattar bland annat hybrid krigföring, specialoperationer, underrättelsetjänst, militärstrategisk kommunikation, informationsoperationer, logistik, militärhistoria och språk. Kompetenserna är uppdelade på avdelningens fyra sektioner: sektionen för gemensamma operationer, sektionen för operativa funktioner, militärhistoriska sektionen och sektionen för språk. Vid avdelningen finns även en stab.

The Swedish Defence University is looking for one or more senior lecturers in history, with a focus on military history

The position is located in the Military History Section of the Operational Division of the Department of Military Science in Stockholm. At the Swedish Defence University, the subject of  military history, focuses on studying the relationship between war, culture and society, as well as the development of military strategy, operations and tactics.

Job responsibilities

The position involves teaching and research, as well as administration, in the subject of history with a focus on military history. The duties also include some teaching in other subjects' courses at the university, participation in field exercises and similar elements of the Military Programme of the Swedish Defence University, as well as certain editorial duties.


The ideal candidate  has the qualifications for appointment as a senior lecturer, including a PhD in History, or equivalent scholarly or professional expertise relevant to the particular field and the responsibilities and tasks included in the position, and proven relevant teaching experience.. If the applicant holds a foreign degree, an assessment will be made on a case-by-case basis to determine if it can be regarded as equivalent to a Swedish degree.

The Swedish Defence University strives for gender equality and diversity among all its positions. We welcome applicants with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. It is natural for us to strive for an inclusive work climate and for our employees to be able to combine work with active parenting.

Assessment criteria

The selection is based on the general assessment criteria establishing eligibility for employment as a senior lecturer. The assessment of teaching proficiency will be given equal weight to the assessment of scientific expertise.

The following assessment criteria will also be included when appointing an applicant to this position:

  • Ability to conduct high-quality independent research in the subject of history, especially military history, demonstrated by publications in relevant, well-regarded international academic publication outlets.
  • Documented teaching expertise demonstrated through experience in teaching as well as in the planning and implementation of education at a higher education institution.

It is advantageous to have previous experience of officer training or in the defence sector, as well as documented experience of successful applications for external research funds. The Swedish Defence University is a multidisciplinary environment, which is why experience of collaborations with related subjects to military history, as well as experience of national and international academic collaborations in research projects, is a plus. Over the next few years, the section plans to produce some educational material, for which reason experience of editorial work is an advantage.

The applicant must be able to teach in Swedish and English. If the person appointed is not proficient in Swedish at the start of their appointment, they are expected to acquire the necessary language skills during the first two years of employment. In this recruitment, the Swedish Defence University will take into account those who, after an overall assessment of competence and skill and in addition to documented qualifications, are deemed to be the most suitable to perform the duties in question.

Where there is gender imbalance, the Swedish Defence University may, in the case of equally or nearly equally qualified applicants, appoint an applicant from the underrepresented gender. Since the majority of those working in the Military History Section are men, we would welcome female applicants.

The appointment

The appointment is for a permanent full-time position with a start date to be determined in consultation with the applicant.


The application shall be formulated using our template, Mall för läraransökan [Template application for teaching staff], available from this link:

The application must be written in English as it may be reviewed by international experts whose professional language is English.

Applicants must also select at most ten publications to refer to in support of their application. The publications must be attached to your application. If any of these publications are monographs and/or books, please contact the HR specialist; see contact details below.

Submit your application through the Swedish Defence University’s recruitment system via the “Logga in och sök jobbet” [Log in to apply for the job] link on the job listing page. Mark your application with the reference number HF/HR 177/2020. Your complete application including attachments must be received by the Swedish Defence University no later than 30/5 2021.


Further information about the appointment and position is available from:

  • Professor of History, specialising in military history, Gunnar Åselius,
  • Head of the Operational Division, Andreas Forsman,
  • HR Specialist, Nike Gårdinger,

All can be reached via +46 (0)8-553 425 00 (switchboard).

The trade union representatives are Ronnie Hjorth (SACO-S), Anders Oltorp (OFR/O) and Christian Friman (OFR/S-Försvarsförbundet), who can be reached by phone at +46 (0)8 553 425 00 (switchboard).

Please submit your application no later than 2021-05-30!

Type of employment Permanent position
Contract type Full time
First day of employment Enligt överenskommelse
Salary Månadslön
Number of positions 1
Working hours 100%
City Stockholm
County Stockholms län
Country Sweden
Reference number HF/HR 177/2020
Published 18.Jun.2021
Last application date 20.Jun.2021 11:59 PM CEST