University lecturer in international and operational law

Institutionen för statsvetenskap och juridik

The Swedish Defence University is an internationally renowned university in the area of defence, crisis management and security. We offer a unique academic environment where military and civilian researchers, teachers and students interact. We educate and train top-level executives, experts, and researchers for the task of analyzing and managing current and future crises, security issues and conflicts. The university educates all military officers in the Swedish armed forces and leads the academic progression of the military profession. We conduct research in the areas of Law with a focus on International and Operational Law, Leadership and Command & Control, Military History, Political Science, Systems Science for Defence and Security and War Studies.

Our work includes research and education on the rules of international humanitarian law, including the right to use military force (ius ad bellum), international humanitarian law aspects of international peace operations, the laws of war (ius in bello), human rights in armed conflict, peace operations and other crisis situations, and accountability issues in international military operations at different levels of conflict and in different contexts.

The international humanitarian law research is an integral part of the overall research body at the Swedish Defence University, which is characterised by diversity and a shared focus on the conditions of crisis and armed conflict. The integration of international humanitarian law research is expressed in interdisciplinary projects in collaboration with researchers from other departments at the Swedish Defence University. In addition, we collaborate with other research institutes and initiatives, both in Sweden and abroad.

The subject of international and operational law is under strong development and our research and educational environment needs to grow, and therefore we are now looking for at least one university lecturer in operational law and international law. 

Description of the subject area

The position is located at the Department of Political Science and Law at the Center for International and Operational Law (CIOL). About 11 employees, both military and civilian, work here today, researching and training in the subject of law with a focus on international and operational law, which is the scientific discipline that focuses on the international and domestic legal frameworks that pertain to defence, crisis management and security. The focus of our activities in international law are the law on the use of force (ius ad bellum), the law of armed conflict (ius in bello) and of peace operations, the application of human rights during armed conflict, in peace operations and in crisis situations, as well as responsibility issues linked to (military and other) crisis management operations. In domestic law, our operations are linked to legal aspects of crisis preparedness and total defence, where we mainly focus on public law, especially constitutional law and administrative law that pertains to crisis, war and danger of war, as well as laws governing the military and civil defense in peace, crisis and war. We often work comparatively and explore Swedish implementation of international law in our areas. We work within both international and national law with issues of e.g. the rule of law and rights issues linked to the state of emergency, regulations of high-tech warfare, security protection, intelligence issues, cyber security and cyber defence.


As a university lecturer, your main tasks will be teaching international and operational law on the military programs and on our civilian courses, both at basic and advanced level. You will also work with commissioned teaching and training and analysis tasks aimed at authorities, municipalities, regions and companies that are active within crisis preparedness and total defence. Administrative tasks are also included in the duties.

Who are we looking for? 

We are looking for you who have at least a bachelor's degree in law and experience in teaching.

We would like you to have a military background as an officer or reserve officer or as a civilian employee in the Armed Forces and/or professional teaching experience, experience from work at government agencies in the security sector, at the Government Office, and/or experience from international military, police or civilian operations. CIOL has English as its main working language and we therefore see it as necessary that you master working in English as well as in Swedish in teaching and research. 

Meritorious are knowledge and experience from work in the crisis preparedness system and total defense organizations and with the legislation that governs their activities. 

Furthermore, experience from work and teaching in international and domestic law focused on military and/or civil operations, as well as from administration at a college and/or university, is meritorious. 

In addition to the above merits, consideration will be given to the person who is deemed to have the best conditions to carry out and develop current tasks and contribute to a positive development of the subject of law with a focus on international and operational law and of our Centre for operational law and international law. 

About the position

The position is a permanent position that begins with a six-month trial period.

An employment at the Swedish Defence University may require a security clearance for placement in a security class, which includes a security interview and, in some cases, a background check by the Swedish Security Service.] 

The Swedish Defence University will be operating in a state of war, which means that you should be prepared to be deployed to the institution during times of conflict. If you are already deployed in your current position at an agency and your expertise is needed in the Swedish Defence University's war organization, negotiations will take place between the relevant agency and the Swedish Defence University to determine your placement.

We welcome applications from both Swedish and international candidates.

Starting date

According to agreement.

Salary and benefits 

Salaries are set individually at the University.

Information about benefits for employees at the Swedish Defence University can be found here.

The application is submitted via the Swedish Defence University's recruitment system by clicking on the link "Log in and apply for the job" on the advertising page. Mark your application with reference number HF/HR 276/2023.

The complete application must be received by the Swedish Defence University no later than the last day of application at midnight, CET/CEST (Central European Time/Central European Summer Time).

Welcome to submit your application by no later than January 15, 2024.


For further information about the position please contact:

To get in contact with union representatives please send an e-mail to, OFR/ and OFR/

Type of employment Permanent position
Contract type Full time
First day of employment Efter överenskommelse
Salary Individuell lön
Number of positions 1
Full-time equivalent 100%
City Stockholm
County Stockholms län
Country Sweden
Reference number HF/HR 276/2023
Published 04.Dec.2023
Last application date 15.Jan.2024 11:59 PM CET

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