Professor in the field of Leadership in Demanding Conditions, with a psychology focus

Institutionen för säkerhet, strategi och ledarskap

Institutionen för säkerhet, strategi och ledarskap (ISSL) rymmer fem ämnen med ansvar för forskning och utveckling inom juridik med inriktning mot folkrätt, ledarskap under påfrestande förhållanden, krigsvetenskap med inriktning mot militärstrategi samt statsvetenskap med inriktningar mot säkerhetspolitik och strategi, respektive krishantering och internationell samverkan. Institutionen präglas av en akademisk miljö med unika kompetenser. Här utbildas dels studerande inom de militära programmen, dels studerande i egna civila utbildningar. Vid institutionen bedrivs även uppdragsutbildning, konceptutbildning och analysverksamhet. Institutionen har tre avdelningar och två centrumbildningar med verksamhet både i Stockholm och Karlstad.

The Swedish Defence University is an internationally renowned university in the area of defence, crisis management and security. We offer a unique academic environment where military and civilian researchers, teachers and students interact. We educate and train top-level executives, experts and researches for the task of analyzing and managing current and future crises, security issues and conflicts. The university educates all military officers in the Swedish armed forces and leads the academic progression of the military profession. We conduct research in the areas of command and control science, international law, leadership, military history, military technology, political science and war studies.


The Department for Security, Strategy and Leadership (ISSL) owns the appointment and the role will be based in Karlstad.

Depending on the context, the meaning of the term demanding conditions can vary. Leadership in war, societal crises and disasters all involve dealing with complex and demanding conditions. These conditions are very different from the daily demands placed on individuals and organisations not at war or in a crisis, and merit study.

The subject area of Leadership in Demanding Conditions includes both direct and indirect leadership focussing on extremely demanding situations, elucidated from a psychological perspective. Research forms the foundations for empirical studies, while the theoretical models are based on stress, coping, decision-making, personality and aptitude. Empirical studies of Leadership in Demanding Conditions focus on leadership styles and antecedent conditions: leadership and stress; leadership affecting group psychological and organizational conditions at group and organisational levels; and finally, on selection issues.


The position involves research and teaching on both civil and military courses, at the undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral levels, in the subject of Leadership in Demanding Conditions, with a psychology focus. The University requires you to act as the subject matter expert in this field. Other duties include an active participation in the development of the Swedish Defence University and ISSL as research environments. The duties also involve supporting the development of leadership within the Swedish Armed Forces and other areas of national defence as required. In addition, you will be expected work towards the promotion of equal opportunities within the University. Furthermore, the post will entail administrative duties within the Department and the University.

Finally, the University has recently been granted the authority to award degrees at the PhD-level within its own research areas; therefore, active participation in the development of this research area and the development of postgraduate education at the University will also be included.


In order to qualify for the appointment of professor, you are required to demonstrate excellent skills in both research and teaching. (University Regulations 4, Chap. 3 §). Competence and experience in both of these areas will be given equal weighing in the recruitment process.

A general eligibility requirement for teachers at SEDU is that the applicant should have the personal qualities required to fulfill the job well.

Assessment criteria

Assessment criteria for the appointment of a professor are determined by the level of those proficiencies that are required to be eligible for the post. For this position, the following assessment criteria apply:

  • Proven academic expertise in the subject of Leadership, with a psychology focus, supported by peer-reviewed publications.
  • Proven pedagogical skills demonstrated by the planning, implementation and evaluation of education at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels in the subject Leadership, with a psychology focus.
  • Proven skills in the development of a subject, leading research projects, research groups and subject-related development work, and the associated university administration.
  • Proven experience of supervising doctoral students to completion.
  • Proven experience of application and acquisition of research funding.
  • Evidence of management skills
  • Proven ability to cooperate with other authorities and other stakeholders in the community, and to inform about research and development work.
  • Evidence of experience of equal opportunities work.

The applicant should be able to teach in Swedish and English. Experience of the armed forces and/or civilian crisis management is a meritorious.

As a person, we expect the applicant to have demonstrated a commitment to education and have a well-developed pedagogic perspective and vision for learning. We also expect the applicant to have the ability to cooperate well with others and to form good relationships both within and outside the organisation.

The Swedish Defence University strives for diversity and equal opportunities within all professional groups at the University. We welcome applicants from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The University is committed to creating an inclusive working environment, and to enabling our employees to combine work with active parenthood. The appointment in question here falls into a category where most employees are men, which is why we would particularly welcome applications from women.

The position

The position is a full-time appointment and the start date will be subject to mutual agreement. The salary is subject to individual negotiation.

At least three subject matter experts will review applications for this position. At the selection stage, the University may request a trial lecture, an interview and references.


Please submit your application marked with the reference HF/HR 13/2018 electronically through this vacancy announcement on our career page or email the application to registrator@fhs.se. Alternatively, you may send your written application to: The Swedish Defence University, Registrar, Box 27805, 115 93 Stockholm.

Please submit your application by 06-05-2018.

Applications must be in the format of our applications template, which can be found here. All application documents should preferably be written in English. The University does not normally undertake translation from other languages.

Publications are to be sent directly to the specialists when these have been appointed. If you intend to supplement your application with additional documents, this should be stated in the application. Applicants have three weeks after the application deadline to submit supplementary documents.

Note: in accordance with regulations from the Swedish National Archives, one copy of everything you submit relating to your application will be retained for two years after the employment decision has been made. However, this does not apply to supplementary documents that have been printed or otherwise published.

Further information about the post can be obtained from

Head of Department Robert Egnell, 08-553 42 768

Professor Gerry Larsson, 070-279 40 65

HR-specialist Lisa Buijsse, 08-553 42 684


Union representatives are Ronnie Hjorth (SACO), Christian Friman (OFR/S) and Anders Oltorp (OFR/O), telephone (via exchange) 08-553 425 00.

Applications should reach the Swedish Defence University no later than 06-05-2018


Anställningsform Tillsvidareanställning
Anställningens omfattning Heltid
Tillträde Enligt överenskommelse
Löneform Fast månadslön
Antal lediga befattningar 1
Sysselsättningsgrad 100
Ort Karlstad
Län Värmlands län
Land Sverige
Referensnummer HF/HR 13/2018
Facklig företrädare
  • Ronnie Hjorth, SACO, 08-553 425 00
  • Anders Oltorp, OFR/O, 08-553 425 00
  • Christian Friman, OFR/S, 08-553 425 00
Publicerat 2018-02-27
Sista ansökningsdag 2018-05-06